Each year, we see new revolutionary technologies entering into our lives and making our day-to-day tasks easy. Proper packaging of the food items is essential to keep them fresh for longer period of time. Packaging should be practical, eco-friendly and economical. We will be soon able to see modern packaging concepts in malls, restaurants and in our kitchens which will “go beyond” the basic function of packaging. Let’s have a look at these 5 cool packaging technologies of the future:

1. Edible Packaging

Source: Trend Hunter

A team of researchers at Harvard University have innovated varieties of foods which are tastefully packed and supplied in appropriate edible covering. Their study is inspired by a simple apple, which protects itself within its own usual edible covering. This can not only prove helpful in reducing the packaging waste but at the same time it can increase the appeal of the food too. This kind of packaging has been in use in Japan where candy is packed in edible rice wrappers.

2. Smart Packaging

Source: The Local Brand


Keeping a check on the expiry date of the food product is now easy. Researchers at the University of Connecticut have invented an “electronic tongue”.  A sensor is installed into the packaging that will indicate by changing the colour of its packaging if the food has been spoiled. Researchers are working on other features like insta-preservative that keeps food safe right before it starts to rot.


3. Water Soluble Packaging


MonoSol has invented this new ground-breaking product for the fast food and instant food markets. This can be used particularly in the case of food that only needs water to cook like cereals and soups. This packaging basically dissolves in water, leaving no traces. This innovation is being appreciated as it not only saves time and efforts but also reduces packaging waste.

4. Micro Packaging

Scientists at Texas A&M University have invented a material that can be used to package foodstuff. It is stronger and durable than plastic and, most importantly, easier to dispose and decompose. This amazing material is made of water, clay and a soluble polymer. The shelf life of the foods can be increased by using nanotechnology in food packaging.

5. Self-Cooling and Self-Heating Packaging

Researchers have recently managed to make self-temperature changes possible within the food packaging. Self-cooling is done by “microcool” technology, which absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere and frees it when button is pressed, causing an instantaneous drop in temperature. A product called HeatGenie is used for self-heating packaging. It is added at the base of the packaging and has the ability to heat foods up to 145 degree Fahrenheit in two minutes.

Innovative and eco-friendly technology like these will definitely make our lives easier and more comfortable in future.