Tips to Pack Your Moving Boxes

Hola Readers! First of all, congrats on your new home. Hope you all are doing great! Moving day is a nerve-wracking experience and strenuous for some. As the moving day draws near, it overwhelms us with anxiety and stress. Folks, if you are heading to pack moving boxes, don’t simply dump your stuff into the boxes. Pack the moving boxes nicely and in an appropriate way. We have come up with useful hacks that will assist you in how to pack moving boxes like a pro. So, without any further ado, let’s get started. Take a read. So, sit back, relax and read on guys… Collect necessary packaging supplies beforehand If you need packaging materials, get in touch with Globe Packaging. Moving could be an expensive endeavour. Make sure that you use the right moving boxes for fragile stuff. A few essential supplies to have on hand are: Packaging Tape Labels Markers Packing paper Bubble wraps Arrange the stuff by Category Most people arrange things haphazardly. This will only land you in chaos guys. By arranging things in a systematic manner will save you time. There is no need to rush and pack things in a hurry. Group items together […]

Facts About High Impact Polystyrene

Facts About High Impact Polystyrene

You perhaps have heard about or come across the word polystyrene very often. It is also known as Styrofoam. It is so far the best packaging solution. Choosing the best packaging for your use can be intimidating, specifically if you are new to the industry. High impact polystyrene is a multipurpose, economical, and rigid material that exhibits great strength.     Today, with the help of this post we will narrow our focus to discussing high impact polystyrene. As the name suggests, high impact polystyrene is a form of polystyrene that consists of higher impact strength. Polystyrene is in great demand due to its insulation properties. We will walk you through facts about high impact polystyrene.   High impact polystyrene is a plastic resin that is used in the manufacturing of myriad products. It is a versatile plastic used to make a wide array of consumer products.   Our today’s post revolves around the facts about Polystyrene Corner Protection.So, without any further ado, let’s get started. Facts about High Impact Polystyrene High Impact Polystyrene is an advanced form of polystyrene. It is actively used as a packaging solution for a wide array of applications in the food, medical industry, cosmetic, […]

How to Get Creative With Your Packaging Design?

“The first impression is the last impression,” the same stands true when we talk about packaging design. We have this workable quick guide to help you with the packaging design. Today, product packaging has become the most indispensable part of branding. Packaging designing is getting better over time and there’s no denying it.   Recreating the visuals of packaging perhaps seems daunting but it’s not.   So, without any further ado let’s get started-   Simple, Subtle and Sophisticated Minimalist design is all the rage for quite some time now. It comes across as something uncluttered, sorted, and primitive. Minimal text, subtle design looks much appropriate than being OTT and complicated. Friends, sometimes, simple yet appropriately design can do the trick.   While designing the packaging design keep in mind the content.  Besides being creative you must emphasise what message your packaging design delivers. Your packaging design can indeed make or break your brand success. Give a great thought about it, be precise, and make sure it gets the greatest attention.   To test its workability you can ask for feedback from actual customers how they feel about the design at a glance.   You can get great creative as […]

How to Protect Your Furniture When Moving?

When moving, the biggest stress that comes across is how to safely pack your furniture. Your dear furniture should be handled with care during the move. When you plan a move what you expect is that your expensive furniture should be handled safely and transported damage-free. Folks no need to dread move. Fortunately with the right packaging supplies by your side and a few useful hacks you could move your frangible furniture to your new destination conveniently. So, without any further ado let’s get started. Well, we wish you luck for a happy move. Be extra careful and cautious with delicate and fragile items by using an added layer of protection. Tips to Protect Your Furniture When Moving Arm yourself with the right packaging supplies, tools, and types of equipment such as Sofa Bags, Steel Strapping kits, Bubble Wrap. Guys, your furniture is a significant and expensive possession of yours. Packing and protecting your furniture will assure that it will reach the location without any difficulty and in the best manner. Shop on Globe Packaging to get the best deals in Packaging Supplies for a hassle-free move. Consider Professional Hire Help When you have luxury furniture at your place packing […]

The Best Strapping Materials for Your Business

Strapping is a procedure of putting in a strap to an item to hold or combine them and is also called bundling and banding. Strapping is ideal for bundling products together, securing loads on pallets, as added security on individual boxes or even just enabling easy pick up of difficult to grip packs. These are commonly used in the packaging industry as one of the most essential packaging supplies. The strapping is suitably measured through strength and breaking strain. It is vital to check that the strapping you are planning to use is capable enough to safely carry your product. Therefore we have gathered some information about different types of strapping used as per your product requirement. 1. Strapping Machines: Through the strapping machine, large volumes of strapping can be done across a wide range of operations. It ensures consistency of application, guaranteeing load containment. Through this machine, wastage reduces which in turn reduces the cost. They use the minimum amount of strapping, cutting each section to the exact size required. A semi-automatic machine is generally used and is recommended for high volume, the single product runs. These machines can apply strapping quickly but require an operator to feed the strapping […]