Changing The World of Packaging Distributors

The packaging industry is not just limited to being an industry, and it has become an all-new experience today. With consumption on the go, consumers are looking for more feasible and easy-to-use options for packaging. After all, packaging forms a crucial component of any industry. Without proper packaging, all the efforts of the packaging distributors will go to waste. Food producers, retailers, and consumers, all are working towards building a better world of packaging where they are no hassles in the transportation of goods. We might not realize, but the packaging industry continues to grow as it also offers the first line of differentiation for many products and brands.   Digital technology in packaging the products The world of packaging has transformed entirely with the advent of digital technology. It is the digital transformation in the world of packaging that allows the companies to empower their employees and engage their customers on a broad basis. The world is undergoing a digital transformation, and every consumer is converting to a digital consumer. This is where digital technology plays a crucial role in transforming the world of the packaging distributors. It was the industrial revolution that changed the food industry a lot, […]

Right Boxes for Storage and Organizing

Storing and organizing things have always been a tedious and challenging task. But, to make the transportation easier and protection of essential belongings, we use boxes. The cardboard boxes are primarily used to move objects from one place to another. You can also store the items in these boxes and open and use them when required. It is critical to choose the right size of the box as then it will either take up much space or your item won’t fit inside the box. There are varied types of boxes which are suited for different purposes. Let us see the different kinds of boxes and when to use them.   Different Types of Cardboard Boxes Corrugated Boxes The most commonly used boxes. These are the brown cardboard boxes which we use for storing materials. The items which are shipped to us are also packed in these boxes. These are used for shipping as they can be of any size which can fit most of the materials, and also because they are sturdy as there is a fluted paper in between the liners. If you are looking for boxes to move materials from one place to the other, you can use […]

How to Select the Right Packaging Distributor for Your Business

Packaging of goods is among the most integral parts of product marketing plan. It needs to be kept on the priority list and should be dealt with great focus and precision. However, most of the businesses are not able to create the right packaging solution for themselves as they miss on to find the right packaging expert to address their needs. This is mostly because they don’t know how to go about picking the right packaging distributor to go with business theme and purpose well. Here’s how you should select the right packaging partner for your business in 7 expert ways:   Quality Packaging The vendor you choose to go with should be dealing in quality packaging solutions. You should look into their samples and the packaging materials they use and go through the standards and approaches they follow to ensure quality. This is important as all that your customers would be going to see first is how your product is boxed and packaged.   Intuitive customer service The service should be able to able to intuitively look into the customer needs. This should be about interpreting and knowing what type of packaging requirements they have for a particular product […]

Globe Packaging Launches Innovative Range Of 100% Recyclable Paypal Branded Packaging Products

Globe Packaging is proud to launch the new and innovative range of high quality and 100% recyclable PayPal branded packaging products, available to SME’s at cutting edge prices.     The PayPal branded packaging range has been developed in collaboration with PayPal as an initiative to offer SME’s access to high quality and environmentally friendly branded packaging at cost efficient prices, enhancing the presentational look and feel of packages arriving via the post and courier, and giving more confidence to end customers. At present there are starter kits/packs available for consumers and businesses, as well as a range of 100% recyclable cardboard boxes, cardboard rigid envelopes, kraft paper tape and mailing bags.   All products are held in stock, as always, with free next working day courier delivery on all orders placed by 3:00pm. On an order of a PayPal branded item you can avail free delivery on your entire basket.   PayPal Starter Kit includes the exclusive range of premium quality eco-friendly packaging products comprising 20 white cardboard boxes available in all three sizes (small, medium and large) along with one roll of Kraft paper tape, five cardboard rigid envelopes and five mailing postal bags.     PayPal branded […]

Tips to Choose the Right Packaging for Your Product

The packaging of any product plays a crucial role in the branding efforts. It’s the first impression on the customers about your product. If the packaging you opted for goes wrong then it’s a great set back to your brand. A product’s packaging helps in boosts a brand. We have compiled a few tips to avoid some serious product packaging mistakes.   Know Your Audience Packaging has a great relation with your target audience. You must choose your product packaging keeping in mind your target audience. Before choosing the packaging, know your audience thoroughly. Your product will be used by them. When you are the decision maker, you tend to overlook your audience choices and priority. You need to do some homework before finalising on the packaging design. Your market research must disclose you a lot about your audience, your key demographic. Once you have the data in your hand, then you can understand their needs. Only a perfect packaging will make your product sell out.   Damage Free Design Your product packaging must be robust and damage free. It has to travel from one place to other, from manufacturing unit to distributors, to the malls, and from malls to […]