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Influence of Ecommerce on The Packaging Industry

Ecommerce sales in Europe grew from €131.61 billion to €156.28 billion in 2014, which corresponds to the growth rate of 18.4%. E-commerce industry has emerged as one of the key drivers for the global corrugated packaging market. Digital natives, internet of things, personalisation and on the go lifestyle are the top trends that will shape the packaging industry. This infographic, created by Globe Packaging, highlights the influence of eCommerce on the packaging industry.

Smart Packaging Drives Purchase Decisions

The purpose of packaging has changed a lot in the recent years. Packaging Materials used today are not only used for packaging purposes alone but they play a very important role in brand building and marketing of the products too.In fact today packaging plays a vital role in increasing your sales. Here is an info-graph highlighting how smart packaging drives purchasing decisions of the customers. Globe Packaging is one of the leading packaging suppliers in U.K.

Packaging Industry- Key Stats, Advantages and Some Facts

Packaging Industry is growing at a rapid speed. Today, definition of packaging has changed completely. With this info-graph we are sharing some of the key statistics, advantages and facts about packaging industry- the lifeline of packaging supplies. Looking for quality packaging materials? Don’t forget to visit Globe Packaging.