Product packaging is one of the most important aspects in the life of a product. Packaging is not only done for protecting the contents of the pack; it is also a way of attracting customers. This is the reason that packaging is considered as an integral part of marketing and advertising. Companies spend great amounts on using the right kinds of packaging materials for any product.

Mentioned below find some highly effective tips for product packaging to draw eyeballs of more and more numbers of customers:

1. Try different varieties of designs

You might create a very unique design for product packaging, but if people don’t buy the same, it has no value frankly. Experiment with various kinds of designs within friends and family first and see which one draws more attention. This will give clear idea as the message you want to give to the customer goes to him/her in the way you want or not.

2. Practical approach is important

Customers have become smart nowadays. They don’t just go by the packaging of the product. Rather they check the use of ease and efficiency of the product before making a purchase. Therefore along with unique looks, practicality should be prime focus while packaging a product.

3. Be honest in the packaging

The packaging should actually represent the product. If customers find that the product no way matches with the item shown on the packaging, they will feel misled and cheated and will never purchase the product again. Initial sales might be high, but long term results seem bleak. Be honest with the packaging.

4. Content is important

Content is king – whatever be the platform at which it is used. The packaging also has content on it and it should be specifically about the product and not about the brand. Also the content should be short, direct and crisp. It should be able to convey the message right away to the customers and make impact at the same time.

5. Clear fonts and typography

Customers hardly spend few seconds in taking a product in hand and reading it. It is important that the fonts on the packaging are clear and legible so that it can be read easily. Stylish fonts look good, but they might not be easy to read at one go and this might lead to loss of customers. Clear typography guarantees more product sales.

6. Know the target audience

Gathering information about the target audience is always important as packaging depends a lot on this factor. Income, gender, age group etc are factors that should be considered while deciding product packaging.

7. Quality of packaging items used

The packaging supplies that are used for the product should be of high quality – of course it should fit into your budget. Companies that use good quality packaging items tend to have better sales than products which have poor packaging.

8. Packaging should change with time and be relevant at the same time 

Same kind of packaging for a product for years will not bring in good sales results. People don’t like monotony and therefore new designs need to be implemented. Also, the change in the packaging should be relevant to the times and be in sync with the product for best results.

9. The shelf impact

While buying from a supermarket or departmental store, customers pick up products from the shelf. And it is the shelf impact, which is important and makes the buying decision. Make sure that the packaged products are arranged in unique manner on the shelf for gathering maximum eyeballs.

10. Keep track of the competition

There is fierce competition in the packaging industry. Companies are implementing various kinds of tactics and strategies in making the best impact. Keep a track of the competition to understand what is happening in the market.