Most of us shop online these days. You must have noticed that a majority of items that you buy online are delivered to you in cardboard boxes. The trend of cardboard boxes has increased so much that it is safe to call them the future of packaging. This was not always the case.

There was a time when cardboard packaging was not that popular. This was because there was no or less emphasis on the environmental impacts of the raw materials used for packaging. Also, previously, cardboard cartons were majorly used for moving purposes. Most of the shopping was done through the stores which used plastic bags. This trend is changing because of the increasing use of online shopping. The reason behind using plastic bags was also that it was comparatively cheaper than other packaging products.

With time it was realized that plastic was not only harming the environment, it was also damaging our health. This led to the development of newer and advanced form of packaging. With consumers becoming more aware of their environment, they expected the companies to adapt to their choices. During this time, cardboard boxes seemed to be the best solution.

Presently, many countries have banned plastic bags for packaging. This has also led to a move towards the cardboard packaging. Cardboard packaging seems to be the best solution to all the packaging problems.


Some of the benefits of using cardboard boxes for packaging include:

Cardboard packaging allows the dealers to ship items securely. Generally, the cardboard packaging used to send things is done in a layered manner to protect the stuff from damage. These layers of cardboards one over the another provides a cushion to the products that are being delivered.

Cardboard packaging is cheaper as compared to other packaging items. It is cheaper to produce cardboard from recycled waste. Other packaging materials like wood and metal are also cumbersome to be transported.

Cardboard can also be sealed easily. You can use several types of tapes to seal the cardboard boxes while transporting them. Sealing a cardboard box with tapes is easy. Also, since the cardboard is thick, it won’t tear down when it falls. Thus, your things are always safe when packed in cardboard boxes.


Are Cardboard boxes the future of packaging?

Of all the solutions that we have derived for packaging, cardboard packaging boxes seems to be the best. We are not saying that plastic is out of the market, but cardboard surely has taken over the market. More and more companies are using cardboard boxes for packing their stuff. Almost all the e-commerce companies are turning to cardboard boxes for packaging.

These days, customers also judge a company from the way they pack things. This is just the right inspiration for you to package your items the way your customer wants. If you own a business, you should be aware of this fact that customers also prefer eco-friendly packing options. Next time, when you have to deliver any goods to your customers, try and use biodegradable and eco-friendly options.