With the millennial population increasing, it is becoming even more important to consider them while choosing the packaging. There are about 92 million millennial in today’s generation and they contribute almost $600 billion annually in the purchases it makes. Due to this, it has become essential to consider what attracts the millennial as well.

To understand what might draw their attention, it is also vital to know what their lifestyle is like. An average millennial spends almost 18 hours per day on social media platforms. They are exposed to lot more media content as compared to other people.

The interactions are in various forms like taking snaps, screenshots, making videos and sending them to different people or posting on sites like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter etc. They spend hours on scrolling the feed, watching various videos and is also exposed to more number of ads. This is why product packaging attracts their attention very fast and they also grab a lot of information just by looking at the packaging supplies. Let us see some of the ways which can be incorporated to catch the attention of the millennial.


Brand loyalty and emotional connection with the brand

According to a recent study carried out by Forbes, it is found out that 60% of the millennial remain dedicated to a particular brand. They even look for emotional attachment with the brand that they have been using for a prolonged time. They usually don’t switch between brands, if they are satisfied with the product. Before choosing a particular brand, the few things that they look upon are how does the brand represents an individual. It is also essential the brand suits with the lifestyle of the person. It is necessary that your brand is easily accessible. With all the digitization, you need to ensure that your brand has an excellent social media presence.


New products that are unique

Millennial love new and exciting products. If your packaging is creative, it is likely that most of the millennial population will be attracted to your product. They seek adventure, good structural and graphical design. You must ensure that the packaging of the product has attractive colors which reflect a sense of adventure that will ensure that the product will survive in the market.


Flexible Packaging

Millennial are not very fond of static lifestyle. They prefer an active lifestyle and living in a particular moment. They are always busy, and hence, they will prefer having products that can be easily carried and has flexible packaging as well. They are fond of stylish and handy pouches.


Authentic products

There are a lot of products available on the market, and if you don’t provide with genuine products, there is no way that your brand is going to tell in the market. The products which are local and of high-quality is preferred by the millennial.


Less Advertisement

Most of the millennial have turned off ads in Facebook. You would rather have a strong social media presence and profile, rather than just giving ads on various sites.

These are some of the trends that will help you to access the millennial. Make sure that you always analyze your business because it will help you to rectify the mistakes and incorporate new ideas.