Moving is an overwhelming task. The one thing that you don’t want to pack in the beginning when you start packing for a move is your clothes. Smaller things like clothes can add to your worry when you are busy with other difficult packing tasks. But now you don’t need to quickly empty your wardrobe on the last day and stuff all your clothes into cardboard boxes. Wardrobe boxes allow you to pack your clothing fast and effectively. The ability to transfer your clothing directly from your wardrobe to the box is another fantastic benefit of having a wardrobe box.

Wardrobe boxes make moving effortless!

A wardrobe garment box is an ideal option for your moving and storage needs when you are moving house. You can hang your formal and party wear clothes using a plastic hanging rail that comes with the box. This will let you transport and store your office suits, party wear dresses, pants and coats without getting creased or risking any other damage, like staining. It will help you save from paying a hefty dry-cleaning cost once you reach your new home.

Different Sizes of Wardrobe boxes

Wardrobe boxes are available in various sizes so that one can buy them according to their requirements.

Extra Large Wardrobe Box

For all of your extra-long clothes, including gowns, suits and long coats, an extra-large (XL) Wardrobe Box is perfect. You may hang everything in this spacious box on hangers, which is one of its best features. That means no garment creases and no staining will happen in transit.

The dimensions of an extra-large Wardrobe Box are 20″x19″x49″. The measurements stated are internal dimensions. The box includes a wardrobe bar that can hold heavy weight clothes. The extra-large wardrobe box features a BC flute 150K/T double wall carton to lend rigidity and safety during storage and transit.

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Large size Wardrobe box

Your longer garments can be effortlessly packed in the large size Wardrobe Box. It can be used for long dresses, coats and long tops. This wardrobe box has a hanging bar, much like the extra-large Wardrobe Box, so you can shift your clothing on hangers immediately into the box. It consists of a bar that can hold heavy clothes. The dimensions of a large Wardrobe Box are 20″x19″x38″.

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Space Saving Wardrobe Box

The Space Saving Wardrobe Box is taller but compact, making it ideal for confined areas. It is most suited for long to medium size garments. You may pack dresses, trousers, suits, and other formal wear. You can also hang shirts, shorts, jackets, tops, etc.

The Space Saving Wardrobe boxes being narrow takes less space during transportation or storage. It includes a wardrobe bar that can support medium weight clothes.

Wardrobe Laydown Boxes

The Wardrobe Laydown Box is ideal for both shifting and storing. It’s an excellent solution to keep seasonal garments if you have a small room. Simply store your clothes in this box and put the box under your bed.

The Wardrobe laydown box is excellent for seasonal clothes such as jackets, jumpers, caps, scarfs, etc. It can effortlessly fit beneath the majority of beds. It is broad enough to accommodate most hangers.

Hope wardrobe boxes and other packaging supplies can make your move comfortable and effortless.