The first and foremost important thing which comes in the mind of the user is the appearance of the product. Many product providers have acknowledged the fact that without good packaging, it is tough to sell even the best of products. So, the product and its performance is indirectly related to packaging it is contained in.

It is very evident that packaging plays a significant role in influencing the buying behaviour of a product.

Packaging has various uses; it is used for protecting items, for transportation of products, for storing items and also for beautifying the whole product.

It is seen that people are more inclined to buy the products with smart/powerful packaging as compared to other products which do not look very attractive from the outside.

Although packaging plays an important role in beautifying the product, we can not sidetrack the practical aspects of the packaging materials.



Have you ever given any thought to a product that is not packed correctly and is shipped from one place to another? What do you think would be the condition of the product. The obvious answer to the above query, would be Damaged. So, product packaging’s main purpose is to protect the product from damage.

Does Packaging only help to protect the products when there are transitioning from the manufacturer to the retailer?

The answer is No. It also helps to prevent damage when the product simply sits on any retail shelves.



As, the world is progressing there are new business in the market, and everyone wants to be at peak position in their field. Now, say there are 3 companies who sells the same products at the same price and that too of the same quality. But, one of them packs the product in an attractive manner. So, now the quest arises, which product to buy? People would definitely go for attractive one. The word Attraction has led many companies to carry out extensive research on colour schemes, designs and how making a product more appealing.




Can Packaging contribute to promotion too? Packaging supplies can easily portray information of any product inside it. The outside surface area of Packaging can be used to depict all information related to product whether it is how to use? Handle with care? Or anything.



 Facilitates Purchase Decision

You must have seen various food products containing information about its ingredients and nutrients. This information is quite helpful as it tells a user that what are the benefits of consuming it and what it is made up of. This even is related to purchase decisions as the user has got all the necessary information without even asking from the store clerk.





There is no doubt in the fact that Researched Packaging makes your business prosper. It is the thing which makes you different from the rest of your competitors. Generally, all companies possess a logo or company name and a colour scheme on the product. This logo or colour scheme might be there in the mind of a user. So, when that user goes to shopping mart he /she can easily pick the product without looking into it because he/she knows that what the product is all about. Branding can be created through bespoke packaging.