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Driving Sales Through Package Design

Packaging today plays a very important role in making or breaking your product’s popularity. No matter if you have created one of the best products in the category however it will go unnoticed if your packaging is not at par with the expectations of the customers. Therefore make sure that your packaging does impress your potential customers. Good packaging design offers a standout experience on a loud and crowded retail shelf and it can drive sales. Successful design drives benefits for the customers, employees and businesses. Designing for sales success means understanding what your customers want, what attracts them the most and what catches their eye. Ultimately you need to convince them for buying your products through your product packaging. Packaging design today plays with the sensory properties of human influencing them through their innovation to buy them. An effective packaging design would consist of the following – 1. A clear message about what your brand stands for? It should be capable enough to convey directly the sense of your brand and how it links to the customers. 2. It should be able to trigger a sense of excitement and curiosity among the customers. A sense of elegance, commitment and […]

Restructuring Your Packaging System and Enhancing Your Operations

Often the packaging service providers even after witnessing a robust demand for their services are not happy with the revenue they are generating. The reason is very simple, it costs more to manage their entire inventory management than the revenue they are generating. There can be several factors contributing to this issue. Mismanagement of the resources, more focus on the manual work than on process automation, almost no or very week strategy in meeting the demands of your customers during the peak hours or seasons. So what would be the best thing to do in order to overcome these issues? In order to increase the standard of your service and ensure that you have good returns from the revenue generated it is important that you restructure your entire strategy for your business. Here are few simple yet important points to help you out in dealing with the above mentioned issues.   Proper utilization of your Storage Space – A major chunk of your space in the storage is occupied with the heavy and bulky packing. The end result is you have very less space for storing the products you sell. However an easy alternative to manage this is to release […]

Smart Packaging Drives Purchase Decisions

The purpose of packaging has changed a lot in the recent years. Packaging Materials used today are not only used for packaging purposes alone but they play a very important role in brand building and marketing of the products too.In fact today packaging plays a vital role in increasing your sales. Here is an info-graph highlighting how smart packaging drives purchasing decisions of the customers. Globe Packaging is one of the leading packaging suppliers in U.K.

Some Popular Kinds of Packaging Materials

Proper packaging of products is essential to keep them safe and secure. It is observed that consumers often judge new products by their packaging. The choice of packaging materials and solution depends on the product which you want to wrap, cover or transport. Packaging materials should be chosen wisely, keeping in mind the needs of end user.