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Tips To Choose The Right Parcel Packaging Materials

Sending various kinds of items via parcels is quite common. Along with important things, people also send gift parcels to families and friends. With the launch of e-commerce sites, the ordered goods are parcelled and delivered to the door of the customer. Therefore it is quite evident from the above mentioned factors that packaging materials are very important part of parcelling and without them the ordered goods might undergo damage on the transit. It is also true that packaging materials will vary depending on the product that is being parcelled. For fragile items, additional packaging materials are provided so that the item is safe from any kind of damage. Here are some useful and effective tips for making the right choice of parcel packaging materials: Choice Of Carrier Will Decide Packaging Materials – Packaging materials should be selected depending on the carrier by which the goods are to be delivered. Different carriers handle the parcels and packaged products in different manners. Along with the carrier, the location of the carrier’s sorting station or hub also plays a major role in selecting the packaging materials. For instance when rollers are used for carrying goods, plastic packaging should be avoided as it […]

How to get the right packaging product? Read Here

Every packaging product is created and designed for some specific requirements and tasks. It happens that sometimes we end up buying packaging products which are not fit for the purpose. But selecting the appropriate packaging material still lies in our hands. If you have something small to be packed and which is in large quantities, consider grip seal bags for the purpose. These bags can be used for a variety of packaging tasks. These clear poly bags are easily available in a wide range of sizes. Grip seal bags are affordable and you can buy hundreds of bags instantly, moreover you can get good deals if ordered in bulk. Another great benefit of using these bags is their durability. These bags come with a seal pack functionality which ensures the safety of the products which are being transported. Retail stores are among the biggest consumers of grip seal bags. People prefer these bags because they are clean, inexpensive and easy to carry. You can use these bags over and over again as they are durable and easily washable.  We, at Globe Packaging, are always ready to provide industry standard packaging products and solutions. Customers always search for reliable packaging materials. […]

Half Of The UK’s Consumers Prefer Paper-Based Packaging

According to a new survey conducted by YouGov, half of the UK’s consumers prefer paper packaging materials. This survey not only reveals the number of people who liked to buy paper based packaging materials but also it gives an idea about the buying preferences of the consumers. Among the 2,289 people who took part in this campaign, 57% people said that they prefer to buy paper packaging to pack their groceries. Only 8% opted out for plastic containers. In our last post we presented you with how you can recycle paperboards and contribute in making our environment pollution free. Well the things are clear now, people are looking for eco friendly solutions and they are more aware about the environment issues. Consumers were asked that if the quality and price of the product are equivalent to each other than which one of these they will prefer: 1. Retailer who sells the same product in plastic container 2. Or retailer who use paper-based packaging 47% people responded that they will prefer the second retailer who uses the paper packaging. Well we recommend you to go through this visual representation and get to know why paper-based packaging is topping the list of […]

30 Tips to Pack Your Accessories Before Your Next Move

Packing your stuffs perfectly is very important to avoid any kind of damage while moving. Here we are providing 30 tips for packing your valuables. Packing your books and documents 1. Prevent crushing of the box by filling it to the top. Make sure you don’t overfill it. 2. Pack heavy books in separate small boxes. Packing your clothes 3. After folding clothes put them into garment bags and suitcases. 4. Don’t forget to cover the delicate clothes. 5. Use wardrobe box for hassle free packaging. 6. Use large boxes to store the packed clothes. Packing kitchenware 7. Use dish-box for packing fragile accessories. 8. Put crushed paper at the bottom of the box after that pack kitchenware into them. 9. Cover plates with wrapping paper. 10. After covering all the plates with wrapping paper, make a stack and re-wrap it. 11. Store the wrapped stack of plates into cardboard box. The size and shape of cardboard box plays a crucial role. 12. Wine glasses should be packed carefully. Don’t nest them as it can cause damage. 13. Forks and spoons can be wrapped together using packing papers. 14. If possible, use liquor cartoons for glasses and cups. 15. Use […]

Everything You Need to Know About Packaging Symbols

We often notice these symbols on the packaging of every product. Packaging symbols have become a vital part of product identity. Go through this infographic, created by Globe Packaging, and get to know about the packaging symbols and their uses.