When companies dispatch their products, they necessarily don’t put much of them in a humble box. Specifications like size shape and quality of the boxes they utilize doesn’t ever come to our mind. Things like details, material ethical credentials and fluting types are commonly an after-thought. However through this guide you will learn the importance of a well spaced, good fitting box.


Return to the basics

Boxes can be more complex than they actually seem. While selecting boxes for your products go to the basics by reviewing the box size, items you wish to store inside, the shipping method and the intended height. Little packaging boxes are made to carry all types’ items & batch orders, subscription orders, computing equipment, retail products and much more.


One size is not for all

If you are looking for a perfect box and haven’t yet found your match, you need not to worry. You can find the perfect sized box for your dispatching needs with a little information on industry standard for sizing of the boxes. The process may seem challenging due to the variety of sizes available, but finding sizes of box is not all that daunting. Simply calculate the dimensions you require depending on the product you wish to ship. Taking the measurements of the item is essential, as a small box could damage the content inside while an oversized box can cost you more. Cut costs on size where possible; however do not risk damaging your products by using a badly fitting cardboard box.


Finding a right shape

Just as there is a ring for every finger, there is a box for every product. When buying boxes, you must take the weight and shape in consideration irrespective of the item you wish to pack and select material and size detail that best suits that item. If that particular product is at risk of causing damage or is heavy consider double wall boxes for such things.


We use environmental friendly and quality materials

If you are in a search of a new box supplier, make social responsibility and quality your top priorities. All our boxes are made with 100% Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified material, produced from forests that are sustainably managed. While ethics are highly important to us, we also believe in longevity. Our FSC certified wardrobe boxes present a number of fluting grades to suit all your requirements. There are a variety of options available to be the best fit for every item.

Packaging is the first physical experience that your customer is likely to meet. Hence making a first good impression can have a long lasting impact. At globe packaging we are all about that final amazing experience of unboxing and we can promise you that all our packaging products will let you down.