Boxes and Packaging

Bleach Your House and Workplace Clean with Industrial Bleach

Are you annoyed with the bad odour of the stagnated and decaying material in your basement? What about the black moulds flourishing on the ceilings of your house? Well to be honest, each time you plan to get rid of them and every time you make a plan, you are not able to implement it because of your daily work schedule or other house hold chores. However it is very important that you maintain the hygiene of the place where you work, where you spend your time and also where you live. One of the first requirements for maintaining the proper hygiene is to make sure that you properly dispose of all your garbage and waste material. It is also very important that from time to time you sanitize your place of work and living with proper disinfectants in order to make sure that the place is not infected by the harmful and disease causing microbes. Special care must be taken for sanitizing the places like basement and the box room ceilings as these are the areas which have moisture round the clock as they are rarely exposed to sunlight and hence have potential to develop moulds and fungus. Talking about the chemicals or the agents […]

Importance of Product Packaging in Marketing

The first and foremost important thing which comes in the mind of the user is the appearance of the product. Many product providers have acknowledged the fact that without good packaging, it is tough to sell even the best of products. So, the product and its performance is indirectly related to packaging it is contained in. It is very evident that packaging plays a significant role in influencing the buying behaviour of a product. Packaging has various uses; it is used for protecting items, for transportation of products, for storing items and also for beautifying the whole product. It is seen that people are more inclined to buy the products with smart/powerful packaging as compared to other products which do not look very attractive from the outside. Although packaging plays an important role in beautifying the product, we can not sidetrack the practical aspects of the packaging materials. Function   Have you ever given any thought to a product that is not packed correctly and is shipped from one place to another? What do you think would be the condition of the product. The obvious answer to the above query, would be Damaged. So, product packaging’s main purpose is to […]

Safety of the stuff should be the first priority!

Have you heard of any old friend mentioning that his TV got damaged while moving from London to Belfast? Did somebody ever mention to you that all the garments got drenched in rain while moving from one neighborhood to other? These are old stories of the past, when people had to arrange the packaging on their own and had no way to get a reliable material.These are times when any kind of transport of material can be taken care of in the best way. Whether you are moving houses/offices or just sending some important documents in mail – you cannot afford damage. This is exactly what packaging industry offers, no damage and full protection. Carton boxes to package all your material safely, protective material like bubble wraps, paper rolls, loose filling which further ensure that any shocks during transport do not affect your items. Tapes to smoothly close the boxes ensuring compact packing; Polythene covers to ensure no water leakage onto the boxes! Such complete solution of packaging supplies was not available a few years back. Not only for your moving needs, even for small parcels have you needed protection of material. If you are sending a book to an old friend, […]

Trusted reliable stationary

Although the technology or the logic behind how you order and receive, boxes may have changed, that does not necessarily mean the quality has changed.Here at globe packaging we believe on giving our customers quality and quantity and at a very reasonable price. We know how stressful it is when moving house, job, or even just de-cluttering and transferring belongings into storage. We can guarantee we have the right materials to help you succeed in a safe transition.Boxes and packaging can be used over and over, repeatedly, if the quality is up to scratch. All our boxes are ideal for moving as they can sustain a high durability. This of course applies to all our products, which can be found online. From the double wall cardboard packing boxes to the mailing bags our products are made to ensure they fulfill there purpose and get your goods there safely.With basics like masking tape available at a very reasonable price you would be crazy to go to another supplier especially when we have a price match guarantee. That is if we were not cheaper in the first place. We guarantee our prices are extremely competitive and should be the BEST prices you will find […]